Pixie will be living at the shore with her new family.

She met the other dog in the family and the children. They are all excited to get to know each other better. Pixie is a gorgeous, fluffy 5 months old 25 lb pup. She is playful and lovable and will make a wonderful family pet or loving companion. Almost looks like Afghan hound in there also with Belgium sheepdog. Just adorable!

Pixie at home and being showered with love!

Pixie had a busy day playing with Layla the other dog in the family and is now enjoying some quiet nap time.

Pixie with her now older sister Layla on the bed in the back with her toy. Pixie has her crab stuffed toy. Remember she lives down the shore. So, of course she has a stuffed crab toy. Petparents say she is amazing and spoiled. We like spoiled!


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