March 28, 2023

Remember Mason aka Waffles?

This wonderful family’s dog, which they adopted from us years ago, died. Their young son wanted to adopt another dog so badly that they came back for Waffles. Here he is enjoying the good life.

March 28, 2023

Polar helps family heal!

This family misses their dearly beloved dog that died of old age, including their other 8-year-old dog. Polar will be helping them to heal.

March 28, 2023

Trex will get lots of love and attention!

Not only does Petmom work from home on online calls most days, but petdad and the two boys will be around too. They are all looking forward to giving Trex lots of love and attention!

March 23, 2023

Trey has found a wonderful home!

Trey is a gorgeous, fluffy 5 months old 25 lb. pup. She is playful and lovable and will make a wonderful family pet or loving companion.

March 22, 2023

Shiloh is entertained!

Petdad has a few musicians come to house every week, and he plays blue grass music with them. He also plays music for his church. So, Shiloh will have great entertainment. I haven’t met a dog yet that doesn’t like country type music. Shiloh’s adoption was arranged by a very long-time acquaintance and big-time animal lover, Sandy! An older widower, who is Sandy’s neighbor, adopted her. Shiloh is making himself comfortable in his new home!

March 22, 2023

Trixie aka Biscuit is a healing angel!

The Mom of the family died suddenly several months ago. Even though they have a small poodle at home, the mom had promised the children they could have another dog. The Dad made sure that happened, especially when he found out about Trixie aka Biscuit. And Biscuit is making them smile.

Biscuit and his family member are both smiling in their sleep.

We have no doubt that Trixie aka Biscuit came into this world to comfort this family, especially due to the death of the Mom.

March 20, 2023

Trevor will be heading to the shore with his new family!

Trevor is a sweet, lovable mini-Aussie/beagle mix who is 4 months old. He is playful and sweet!

March 20, 2023

Pixie will be living at the shore with her new family.

She met the other dog in the family and the children. They are all excited to get to know each other better. Pixie is a gorgeous, fluffy 5 months old 25 lb pup. She is playful and lovable and will make a wonderful family pet or loving companion. Almost looks like Afghan hound in there also with Belgium sheepdog. Just adorable!

Pixie at home and being showered with love!

Pixie had a busy day playing with Layla the other dog in the family and is now enjoying some quiet nap time.

Pixie with her now older sister Layla on the bed in the back with her toy. Pixie has her crab stuffed toy. Remember she lives down the shore. So, of course she has a stuffed crab toy. Petparents say she is amazing and spoiled. We like spoiled!

March 20, 2023

As soon as she saw her picture, petmom knew she wanted to adopt Trix.

Her beloved two dogs died of old age. Later on she wants to come back to adopt another dog. Of course Trix will help make that decision in the selection. Twix is a such a sweet girl. She is very low key. She is 3-years-old and 78 lbs. She is cute with a little docked tail. She gets excited to meet new people, is good on a leash and gentle when taking a treat. She gets along great with kids too!

March 20, 2023

Petdad will be taking Primo on his long walks!

Petdad’s sister is a vet tech, and they will be using the vet she works at for Primo. She also has a Coonhound that she rescued. Primo and the Coonhound are sure to be great friends.