Bella’s Painting

Remember Bella? She was adopted to a wonderful family and is presently a loving Emotional Support Animal.
One of our gifted volunteers, who is a college student who wants to be an ER Doctor, also is a fantastic portrait artist. The artist accurately painted the loving gentle caring gaze of Bella’s stare. Knowing this special lab mix, we can really vouch for the accuracy. Also she kind of makes it three dimensional but extending the body of the pet on the half inch side of the portrait.
We asked Ally if she would offer our adopters and their friends and family members reasonable prices to paint their pet(s) from pictures they send and donating a percentage of the cost to Animal Sanctuary Society. We are lucky enough for her to say yes. She offers different sizes too. These would make fantastic gifts especially when you never know what to get someone or you feel the person has everything already. If you know someone was sad that their pet died, having a portrait made would be a wonderful gift. You can surprise them by asking them to e mail the best pictures they have of their pet(s) for you to see. Anyone interested please contact us at 856-642-0004 and email to Also I can ask artist if she can make different type of cards using the portrait picture on the Holiday cards, invitations, notices you moved etc. etc.


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