Treasure aka Lady VI is now the total center of her petparent’s lives!

They had beagles before and their most recent died of old age. Petmom showed us all the pictures and told us about all the vacations and day trips they took with their beloveds. Just talking about their recent beloved was making Petmom cry. We placed a warm pink and white striped sweater with a vinyl heart on Lady VI along with a new collar getting her ready for her ride home. Perfect for Lady since she is a sweetheart. Petmom had a beagle designed blanket, a pillow and a bed ready for Lady’s ride home.
Lady VI is already having lots of attention at home.

Once she settles in to her home, she will have a very active social life with an extended group of caring people being a part of her life too, including the neighbor. Petparents are also very active in several veteran’s groups. They can’t wait to bring her there. They always took their beagles there. She will also be going to training classes to the same school they took their other dog, even advanced classes as she graduates the other classes.

Today’s follow-up was very good. Petparents are getting her used to the fenced yard slowly on her leash. Lady has been eating and drinking well.

The first night having Lady VI in bed next to them was the first night Petmom had a good night’s sleep since her beloved Beagle died.


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