Cinderella has a wonderful new petmom!

She seems to adore her! There is something spiritual about this connection. While petmom was on a trip to Europe, she got up in the middle of the night and there was a huge white furry dog next to her. It was a Pyrenees that must have been up all night watching the nearby sheep herds in the mountains and decided to visit her. The people she traveled with thought she had dreamed it.
Upon return to the US, she kept thinking about having one. After buying her own home, she visited Cinderella, and they had a strong, immediate connection. She wanted to sleep on it before deciding to adopt, because Cinderella, as we found out, doesn’t like most other dogs. The next day she couldn’t wait to come back for her. Her parents have large dogs, and she visits them. We suggested she bring a crate and have Cinderella be in the crate in a closed room when the other dogs are there. Also, to keep her cat secure elsewhere in her house. The bond between them is so strong that she did bring her home. You can see it in all the pictures. We could feel it in the room at the meet and greet. Petmom is also planning to have a dog trainer for Cinderella. We feel Cinderella was the reason why that Pyrenees came to the Petmom in the middle of the night. Crazy as you may think it is, we feel it. Once abandoned in a home with her sister Belle, Cinderella is now very loved just like her sister who is adopted to another wonderful home. The two sisters got on each other’s nerves at times, so we realized it was best to separate them where they each could get lots of love and attention.


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