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December 9, 2022

Vera was adopted by a wonderful volunteer driver in a home with two smaller dogs and cats!

She is great with both dogs and cats!

“I tried sleeping in one of the smaller dog’s bed but it was a little snug. Thank goodness my new bed finally arrived from Chewy! It is a lot more comfortable!”

As you can see she has made herself comfortable as a lap dog. This couple lost one of their dogs to cancer, and lost their Dad the same year. Vera has very much healing calming qualities about her, and is helping this couple when they get sad.

Vera’s pet mom wrote to tell us this: “My husband has a new lap dog! She is adorable. She went shopping this morning and has a pretty pink collar and harness. She loves our morning walks!”

December 9, 2022

Bobby is happy in his new home!

December 9, 2022

Harlyn aka Harper loves children!

Harlyn’s new name is Harper. She was adopted into a wonderful family! The couples’s mom lives with them, and the adopter’s daughter and grandchildren were happy to meet her. Her family and extended family are thrilled to have her in their lives.