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October 1, 2022

Astra now lives in seashore town!

Petparents had a beloved large chocolate lab that died of old age, and they miss him terribly. After a while of mourning, they opened their hearts and seaside home to Astra. Astra now lives with a cat too. She was cat friendly in the past. Her pet parent died suddenly in the past and it is wonderful seeing her happy again. When her middle-aged pet parent died, his 20-year-old daughter tried to take care of three of his dogs but has five of her own. Astra is a sweet 2-year-old and 58 lb. girl. She is very playful and has that loving lab personality. She gets along great with other dogs, kids and even cats. She loves to go on long walks and sit with you on the couch. She loves the water and to swim in the pool and run in a fenced yard.

October 1, 2022

Little Miss is happy to be going to her new home!

We are more than thrilled that Little Miss is happy in her new home! She wouldn’t eat for a few days when she first arrived to us, being upset that her pet dad who loved her very much suddenly died. Little Miss is such a beauty. She is one year old and 50 lbs. She is very sweet and loving. She does love attention and isn’t really a walker but will snuggle on the couch with you. She loves water and to swim in a pool.