Oakley will be so well cared for and loved!

Petdad is a Spanish Teacher. Petmom works with preschool children. They had adopted a flat coat retriever 12 years ago when he was six months old. His name was Andy. He died, they think, of a sudden heart attack or aneurysm. They were more than devastated! One of the girls still sleeps with his collar. They loved him so much! They would have a birthday party for him every year, and Petmom would make him a doggie birthday cake. Andy would sing along with the family at home too. They showed us videos of him singing. A star was born, LOL. Petparents said Andy was considered their first child. Oakley looked just like Andy when he was a pup, and Petdad was just drawn to him. He took his whole family to meet up with Oakley. The rest is history! It’s been a hard year for this loving family. Not only did their beloved Andy die of what seemed like heart failure, but one year ago this families’ whole house had an electrical fire and burned down to the ground. Everyone got out in time including Andy. They had to rebuild their house. Oakley is a blessing for this family to help them heal from a lot of heartbreak and loss.

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