Laura has a new name, it’s Skylar!

Skylar and her new family helped mend each other’s hearts! Skylar’s pet parents have been broken hearted, since their older yellow lab Mia died. Skylar has been sad missing her four other doggie family members and pet mom. Her life was shattered, we heard, when a jealous boyfriend knocked petmom and another person off a four-wheeler landing them in the hospital. Petmom got out of the hospital but couldn’t take the dogs. Animal control was called but there was no room at the shelter. We said we would help. So nice to feel and see the happiness this connection made.

Petmom says, “Our new baby is adjusting very well and quickly. We love her! Skylar sleeps great in her crate and goes in all on her own. She is very special and precious! She is the family baby!”

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