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June 8, 2022

Glenda and Petdad are All Smiles!

Glenda has a grandma living in the same house with Petdad, and she is home most of the the time. They both will get lots of attention and love from each other. Glenda also has a fenced yard in which to run and play, and an uncle (pet dad’s brother) that visits often and is very experienced with dogs.

June 8, 2022

Shy Winnie in the arms of caring patient Petdad, a perfect match!

Petdad grew up with and is experienced with shy non socialized rescue beagles. Winnie now lives in a quiet gated community.

June 8, 2022

Nova and Pongo adopted together to a super loving husband and wife!

This couple loved both dogs, and decided to adopt them both. They have a nice fenced yard for the dogs to play in. Petdad had a horrible fall at work destroying his knee cap. He is looking forward to healing time with his new family members.

This couple lost their daughter in her early thirties to a hard fight against brain cancer around three years ago. Petdad said she was such a caring special education teacher who would tutor some children for no cost knowing the family couldn’t afford the fee. Even now he talks so sadly about her death.

These two pups have already made them smile and laugh.