Happy times are here again for Jax

Jax-dog 11-19 newsletter 2020

Jax was more than devastated when his family of six years gave him up. They adopted him when he was only seven weeks old. They said they were too busy to care for him since family members were moving in with them. He is a perfect gentleman, well trained, and loving. He looked back so sad when they left him. He knew…. For about two weeks, he suffered emotionally. He wouldn’t get up. He just laid on the dog bed that they left with him. We were so worried. After two weeks, all of a sudden he tore his dog bed into pieces. The little hope he had left that they may come back for him seemed to be gone. When trying to put him in a fenced yard, he figured if they don’t come for me, I will look for them. Then, he roamed the yard trying to see if he could escape. We tried to show him to a family. He had no interest. Finally after a few weeks, an epiphany occurred. We felt he was ready to accept a new family and not be an escape risk anymore. We introduced him to a dog experienced family and a nice connection occurred. Miracles do happen especially since the adopting parents were thinking of getting a smaller dog. He got adopted! We can all smile again!

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