Cheka is so happy!

Cheka-dog 10-19

Petdad works from home and jogs three to ten miles two to three times a week. They will make great jogging partners for each other. Cheka will have a new name and do some airline travel with petdad when he visits family across country. We even helped Cheka get a airline kennel to be ready to travel to California to visit her extended family.

I just wanted to THANK EVERYONE for doing such a FABULOUS job this weekend!!! You guys were ALL God Sends and I can’t thank-you enough for EVERYTHING you did to help Jasper and Cheka get to NJ!!! From the folks who helped keep them alive while awaiting the transport, Dorsey for pulling Cheka, Charlotte for accepting them into her rescue to give them their chance, to Nina for giving them such GREAT care during their overnight stay, to my two ladies, Annette and Susan for filling in for me and ESP to ALL of you drivers!!! You guys are MY HEROES because without you no animal gets their ride to survive!!! You guys were simply AWESOME and I am SOOO
THANKFUL to know you WONDERFUL folks!
With all the negative things happening in the world this gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow. AT LEAST WE APPRECIATE and open our hearts to make a difference for the better!!! THANK-YOU ONE AND ALL! I’m THANKFUL to know you all, at least by email!!! Robert


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