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October 31, 2019

Lindsay goes to a loving home

Lindsey-cat 10-19

She will have another companion declawed cat that is used to other cats. We sent her home with her nice big litter box, litter, food and a huge comfortable bed that she absolutely loves.

October 31, 2019

Jasper’s new name is George

Jasper car 10-19

George is all set to go to his new home with his very experienced dog family.

Jasper home 10-19

His new loving family bought him lots of toys and two beds. He is extremely happy in his new home!

October 28, 2019

Cheka is so happy!

Cheka-dog 10-19

Petdad works from home and jogs three to ten miles two to three times a week. They will make great jogging partners for each other. Cheka will have a new name and do some airline travel with petdad when he visits family across country. We even helped Cheka get a airline kennel to be ready to travel to California to visit her extended family.

I just wanted to THANK EVERYONE for doing such a FABULOUS job this weekend!!! You guys were ALL God Sends and I can’t thank-you enough for EVERYTHING you did to help Jasper and Cheka get to NJ!!! From the folks who helped keep them alive while awaiting the transport, Dorsey for pulling Cheka, Charlotte for accepting them into her rescue to give them their chance, to Nina for giving them such GREAT care during their overnight stay, to my two ladies, Annette and Susan for filling in for me and ESP to ALL of you drivers!!! You guys are MY HEROES because without you no animal gets their ride to survive!!! You guys were simply AWESOME and I am SOOO
THANKFUL to know you WONDERFUL folks!
With all the negative things happening in the world this gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow. AT LEAST WE APPRECIATE and open our hearts to make a difference for the better!!! THANK-YOU ONE AND ALL! I’m THANKFUL to know you all, at least by email!!! Robert


October 23, 2019

Annie is filling up pet dad’s heart with love!

Annie-dog 10-19

He found love again after his two 14 year old sibling beloved dogs died in the same year.

October 21, 2019

Bebe has a home with other chihuahuas

Bebe mom 10-19

Bebe enjoys spending time with pet mom and the other mellow chihuahuas in her new home!

Bebe home 10-19

She likes to try to play with the other mellow chihuahuas in the home and turns over for belly rubs from her Petmom.

Bebe-sweater 10-19

Bebe is comfortable in her new sweater and with her new family.

Bebe family 10-19

October 21, 2019

Rodney will be getting lots of exercise

Rodney-border collie 10-19

His new pet parents are wonderful! They know that since he is a border collie type, he will need lots of exercise and are looking forward to providing that for him.

October 21, 2019

Javie was blessed at the blessing of the animals!

Javie-dog blessing 10-19

Pam, one of our dedicated volunteers, adopted Javie a year ago. Here they are waiting for the blessing.

October 21, 2019

Sweet Violet Loves Children

Violet-dad 10-19

The children of the family who came to adopt her spent much time with Violet and she loved it as much as they did!

October 16, 2019

Kano will enjoy long walks around the lake across from his new home

Kano-dog 10-19

Kano’s new pet parent had a beloved female black lab retriever that died of old age two years ago. Kano will get lots of attention from pet dad who spends lots of time working at home. Kano loves children and will enjoy visits from pet dad’s nieces and nephews.

October 15, 2019

Billy is happy with his new family!

Billy family 10-19