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July 10, 2019

Skye the black lab adopted!

Skype-blk lab 7-19

This handsome guy has a petmom who is an experienced managing nurse with a 19 year old son who will be spending lots of quality time with Skye. We received this note from Skye’s previous owner: “This pic made me so sad but yet so happy at the same time. I miss my baby Skye but I am so happy that she is going to be very well cared for and loved. This picture gives me that confirmation because I see her happiness. Thank you again so much Charlotte! You have made this difficult time a little easier for me and my family as you have found the perfect family for my Skye”.

















July 10, 2019

Hal loves his new life!

Hal chair

Hal sometimes needs to unwind in his favorite chair from his active life!

Hal enjoys summer trips!

Hal enjoys summer trips!

Hal visitor 7-19

Hal enjoys visits with lab friends!

hal mom

Hal and his petmom are both good athletes and enjoy the outdoors together!

Hal petmom's bed 7-19

Hal is grateful that petmom lets him use her bed.

Hal smile 7-19

Everyone tells Petmom they love his Smile the best!!