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February 14, 2019

Tsali has a cowgirl petmom

Tsali-dog 2-19

Petmom is a horse whisper who trains horses and also is a compassionate full time caregiver for her grandmother. Therefore, petmom is home a great deal of time giving Tsali much company. She loves to hike and has an active outdoor life and will be bringing Tsali with her on outdoor adventures. Petmom’s coonhound died of old age and Tsali looked so much like her that she feels she is now able to open her heart and loving home to Tsali. She called us about meeting Tsali, and we told her he is almost completely blind; she said,” that’s it! I definitely want him.” The veterinarian thinks his blindness is probably due to a prior head injury. This is a match made in Heaven.

February 11, 2019

Cute sweet Female tricolored Chiweenie adopted!

Tricolored Chiweenie-2-19

It took a year for petmom to be emotionally ready to adopt again after her beloved chiweenie died. He was only a few years old. She tried so much with her vets to save him; sparing no expense. He had gotten up one morning paralyzed. No one could help him or diagnosis what happened after many vet visitations and tests. It was very sad. He got worse and worse until finally the vet came to the house for him to be peacefully euthanized surrounded with love. This little girl is the angel petmom was waiting for.

February 11, 2019

Cozy opens hearts!

Cozy-dog 2-19

Cozy will have lots of fun running around in her new yard once the final fence section is completed. She will help mend her new petparent’s hearts after losing their lab.

February 11, 2019

Jackie and her new petparents are perfect for each other!

jackie-dog 2-19

Jackie-home 2-19

Jackie is making herself right at home in her new furever home!

Jackie-car 2-19

Jackie enjoys a car ride!


February 6, 2019

Miley and Champ are becoming great pals!

Miley-dog 2-19

Miley, the white ivory lab mix, is at Petsmart with petmom and her new pet brother Champ getting an ID tag.
Miley and Champ walk great together on a leash and enjoy sleeping side by side on their own beds.

Miley bro sleep 2-19

Check out Miley’s big smile while she is sleeping!


February 4, 2019

Bernie has a gentle golden retriever for a brother

Bernie-dog 2-19

Bernie is all settled in to his preapproved home with his family including a sweet gentle golden retriever and a very nice boy. (One of our volunteers is to the left in picture) He has a nice fenced yard, and they also walk on leashes. When going home, he got in the car right on pet mom’s lab curling up like a little baby; and petmom kissed his head.

February 4, 2019

Kellie Goes home to a nice fenced yard to play in and a cat

Kellie-dog 2-19

February 4, 2019

Paint a pup fundraiser

Paint a pup fundraiser 2-19newsletter

What a great fundraiser! Everyone had a wonderful time painting their pets!

Thirsty Palette Paint family 2-19newsletter

This family of painters did a great job painting their pets at the Thirsty Palette in Mount Holly.

February 1, 2019

Toby (Happy Hal) now has a jogging partner

He will be jogging one to two miles a day with petdad. Petdad had an alpha Mastiff in the past and is an experienced petparent good with training his dog. Petmom works from home and will enjoy Toby’s company. The two boys,one in fourth grade and the other in 7th grade, are super good with Toby.

Hal (Happy) now Toby couch 1-19

Toby is enjoying an afternoon nap on the couch!

Hal now Toby -kids bus 1-19
Toby watches out the window as the boys leave for school on the bus.
February 1, 2019

Rocket has a new loving family

Rocket-dog 1-19