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January 28, 2019

Soccer is now Cody and has a new little sister

soccer now cody-dog 1-19

Cody has his new blue NY Giants harness on with a hood that we gave him. Petparents are from central Jersey and are Giants Fans.

cody & sister 1-19

One of Cody’s petparent’s said she would never give him up even for a million dollars, and she said she means it!! She holds him often and he loves it. So petdad holds one and petmom holds the other.

January 28, 2019

Cammie has a nice family with children that recently lost 2 older dogs

cammie-dog 1-19

Cammie loved the children, and the children were so good with her. One of the petparents thanked us for helping them adopt Cammie. A note from her rescuer:  Wonderful News! I love her big smile! Thank you all so much for saving her & finding her forever home! I am so appreciative of your efforts in helping her; she would not have had the opportunity of a home had you not helped her, again on behalf of her & us,thank you!- Leslie

January 28, 2019

Bert is now called Berto

bert now berto-dog 1-19

He was adopted by an Italian family who wanted him to have an Italian name. Check out the smiles on the adopters and Berto. Chow, Berto! Pet mom has a art studio for people to paint pictures and had to work pick up day, but met Berto a few days before, then petdad and daughter picked him up. Petmom and Petdad loved two of our dogs and couldn’t decide which to adopt and asked who would be the hardest to adopt between the two. I said Bert would be harder to place because he jumps up like a Branco all four feet in the air. They are such loving people and picked him. He will be going to dog training classes.

Bert follow up 2-19

We just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to Bert. We love him and he is adjusting well. We are one big happy family! All the kids and anyone who has stopped by just adore him.
Thanks again,
Mike and Terry


January 28, 2019

We love it when one of our best adopters comes back to adopt again!

spotty-dog 1-19

Gentle Spotty with Petmom and petsister. He has a wonderful gentle shy Boxer mix as his new brother now. When Spotty jumped in the car, the boxer was so happy to jump in with him. They are both very gentle with each other.

spotty couch 1-19

Spotty is enjoying the comfort of the couch in his new home.

spotty & grover 1-19

Spotty follows Grover everywhere. They are great pals! Looking at those wagging tails! Grover aka Rafferty was adopted from us in 2017.