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September 18, 2018

Morris may be in a wedding soon

Morris will enjoy jogging with his new pet parents. Pet mom grew up with labs and is a dietitian for people and may research how to make home cooked healthy meals for Morris. This young couple just bought a condo and will be married in a few months. They have a bridal registry with arrangements that a certain percentage of cost of gifts people buy for them will be donated to us. We all wish this new family best wishes!

September 18, 2018

He’s So Awesome

Satchel’s Pet Dad is an environmental attorney who also has a cat. Satchel will be jogging a few miles with pet Dad in another two weeks because he was treated for heartworm 4 weeks ago.




Satchel’s new family says, “He’s so awesome. Thought you would enjoy these. A perfect first night in the crate and slow intro to our cat. It’s like he’s been here forever can’t believe how bonded we all are already. Thank you for everything.”