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July 15, 2018

Goldie was so traumatized!

Goldie looked so scared and sad at her vet visit.

Poor Goldie! Her life really went down hill when her Pet parent moved and just left Goldie to roam the neighborhood. She is presently very timid but sweet. We were told that that people or kids where terrorizing her once she was left behind.
We had her vetted only to find out that she is heartworm positive. We will be getting her treated for that. Also she had something wrong with her tail. We had one surgery done on her but she still needs another surgery on the tail. Her vet bills are expensive and are mounting. Please help us make sure the rest of Goldieā€™s life is healthy golden and full of love and gentleness. We are trying to raise approximately $2,000.00 towards her care and for others in desperate need, so we are always ready to help in dire need situations.

Goldie eventually had three surgeries including laser surgery. Her tail had to be removed.

July 15, 2018

Davey and his new pet parents are excited to start a life together!

July 15, 2018

Allison has found a quiet home!

Pet Mom is a CAT scan technician and pet Dad works at home.

Ally and her family have been having a wonderful time vacationing in Vermont.

Allison’s name has been shortened to Ally.

Sleeping happily with a smile on her face!

Ally likes to sleep between her pet parents, making sure her paw is touching someone for reassurance.