Marcus has recovered well from hip surgery and has been adopted

Marcus was fostered with cats and got along well with them. His new family has 4 cats and a fenced in yard for him to exercise his repaired hip. Good job, Marcus! Keep up the good work.

Marcus, now named Ronnie, is adjusting so well! We love him! He is so good–he goes into his crate willingly and is quiet the entire time, no whining or crying at all. We give him a Kong toy smeared with peanut butter and he loves it. He walks pretty well and is interested in sniffing everything. He loves belly rubs–will lean against us for more cuddling and petting. Our family room and kitchen are connected and open, so he likes to lie on the rug in the family room near the kitchen and watch the comings and goings of our household from that vantage point. He is content to sleep while we putter around the kitchen. If we sit in the family room, he likes to lay down next to us. He doesn’t seem to care about the cats; he did chase one of them when it wandered into the kitchen, but I think it was because he just wanted to say hello, not because he wanted to attack it. He is very sweet and loving. . . his foster mom described him to a T!

We took him to the vet yesterday and he was very good. The vet gave him a clean bill of health. Thank you for taking such good care of him.

We feel very blessed to have him in our family.


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