Hit by unlucky times

Lost her home because of financial difficulties because her husband is terminal with cancer. Her dog is everything to her and a big emotional support. She was having problems with the hotel she is staying at near where she just got a job not allowing him. She was about to live with him in the car. We explained that she would most likely qualify that she needs an emotional support animal to help her stress. Federal Law allows Emotional Support Animals into buildings that otherwise don’t allow pets. A letter is required by her doctor.
She said she will go to the doctor for the note right away. If she qualifies which we are pretty sure she will, we measured and prepared a harness for him. And we measured and gave him a choke chain that comes with a material lining to help him walk with her nicely. We taught her how to use two leashes one on harness and one on the lead. We made sure she got food and treats for him and a leash. We noticed he was not neutered and we will arrange for that as soon as possible along with what else he needs.
The lady and her dog walked up to us both in such distress while we where outside having one of our dogs evaluated to be trained for a service dog for a veteran. The lady and her dog soon had big smiles. We will continue to monitor her situation to make sure all stay safe with a roof over their heads.


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