Shaq loves everyone in his new family, even the cat!

Mozy and Shaq and Babygirl, the cat family member get along great. We knew that Shaq loved other dogs and at first would run from cats. But at home he is not scared of Babygirl. Shaq has a 5 footed fenced yard to play in with his family.

Hi, We wanted to share our update about our WONDERFUL dog Reggie, who we adopted from you back in September. His name back then was Shaq. He is a larger black lab mix. We feel that we are very blessed and lucky with our adoption. Reggie has the best, best personality. He acts sooooo much like our beloved black lab that passed away last summer. My husband had been mourning that loss very deeply. Since we adopted Reggie, my husband is back to his usual happy, silly self (He is a dog lover). Reggie is very obedient, very very loving, and very good friends with our 2 children. He is also best friends with his fur-brother Mozy (brown and smaller sized). I am going to try to attach a picture of the 2 dogs so that you can share an update on Facebook. We wanted to thank you from the heart for giving us the opportunity to adopt Reggie. We feel VERY fortunate that everything has turned out sooooo perfect with him(our other smaller adopted dog is very loveable but always a trouble maker…..). Thank you again for all that you do to help save these precious dogs’ lives. Sincerely, Velta, Brock, Aleks, Anna, Mozy, and Reggie


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