Mona Is Having the Time of Her Life with Her Female Pet Parent Sports Teacher

Her Pet parent had been very sad when her dog died of old age. She waited a few months and made the hard decision to open her heart again to a rescue dog. Even Pet parent’s Mom was worried about her daughter opening her heart again, since her daughter was so upset when her dog died.
Well, her pet parent has been in contact with us a lot and loves Mona. What”s not to love! Everyone who meets Mona knows how very special, loving and so gentle she is. Even volunteer drivers that only met her for an hour. Yes, Soooo gentle. When we got her a fly was flying around her head making her shake her head, when it landed right in front of her mouth, Mona realized it was a little live fly. She gently smelled it and didn’t want to hurt it. Here is Mona with a little neighbor friend.

Mona relaxing in her yard with her family member bird who is taking a swim.
Mona is so gentle with the bird!

Mona, with red scarf, taking a walk with her neighbors.

Mona’s a long way from a hard life as a very skinny stray mother dog!

She was in the animal shelter that has to euthanize for space. It was obvious that she had had pups, but no pups where found with her. Was she dropped off in the street without her pups??



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